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Come and try our in-house tailor

UPDATE: Our fantastic tailor has had to leave, so we are currently looking for a new tailor.

Bring your clothes to our tailor, Wajeeh, who has over 40 years of tailoring experience!

He can do almost anything to any garment - just bring your things in and show him for a quote.

His work is so meticulous, you often won't even see where a garment was mended.

You will be delighted with the results - and the price!

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Get your weekend back with Epic's
Weekly wardrobe all-in-one deal

Loaded with value at just $40!

Working at the office for 5 days and looking forward to the weekend?  But then the weekend arrives, and you have to do the washing.  "Oh no," I hear you groan...  "There goes half my weekend!"


But don't despair... We think we can give you back some of the lost time on your weekend with our weekly wardrobe all-in-one deal.


We'll dry clean and press 5 business shirts and 1 pants, and wash and dry a load of laundry* (e.g., underpants, socks, T-shirts, shorts, pyjamas) for just $40.


Now, that should cover just about everything working men wear during the week!

Here's how it works to ensure maximum convenience for you:

  1. Drop your clothes off (either via our 24x7 Valet Wardrobe or at the front counter) - make sure it's by 11am for same day pickup*.

  2. We take care of everything while you enjoy yourself, go to the beach, get some rest or get some things done around the house.

  3. You get a text message when everything's ready to pick up.

  4. You can pick up your shirts and pants from the Valet Wardrobe.  (You will need to pick up your clean laundry from the front counter, as this cannot be hung on the carousel.)

Get your weekends back - take advantage of this great offer!

P.S. - We're thinking about how to craft a similar deal for women!

* To understand what a "load of laundry" is, please see "What is a 'load of laundry'" in the FAQs.

* See "Do you provide same day service?" in the FAQs regarding same day service.

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This could be you - after taking advantage
of our weekly wardrobe all-in-one deal!