At Epic, we're proud of our high quality service.
We clean, press, alter and repair your clothes
with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Very sad news...
We've been informed that due to impending demolition of Westmead Shopping Village,
we will need to vacate by 31 May at the latest, but possibly as early as late February.

We will need to sell as much as possible of our equipment, furnishings and supplies before then.

Let me know if you - or someone you know - might be interested!

For full information, click here see the new "SALE OF CONTENTS" page.

Due to the impending demolition, I will no longer be seeking a new tailor.

Our repair and alterations service is therefore now permanently unavailable.

Professional Dry Cleaning and Pressing


Dry Cleaning

(and wet cleaning)

Rejuvenate your clothes!  


With our dry cleaning service, your precious clothes will be fresh, clean and meticulously pressed.


You’ll feel great, and look smart!

(Some clothes require dry cleaning, some wet cleaning, and some may either be dry or wet cleaned.  We'll decide the cleaning method, but the outcome is the same - fresh, clean clothes!)

Bedding &

Soft Furnishings

including blankets & quilts

Sleeping is so much nicer with softer, fresher bedding!


Don’t share your bed with dust mites and mould spores. Don't you deserve a great night’s sleep?

Clean bedding and soft furniture like blankets, doona and quilts
Free yourself from doing laundry including washing drying and folding of clothes

Laundry Service

Washing, drying & folding

Why spend your valuable time in the laundry?  

Let us help make your life easier!

Your clothes will be washed, dried and beautifully folded. How convenient is that?

Repairs & Alterations

by our on-site tailor

Don’t let a minor problem become a major headache. If you love a garment, you’ll want it fixed with care and attention.

Whether it’s a tear, a missing button, a hem adjustment, a zipper change, or a major alteration, nothing is too challenging for our experienced  on-site tailor.

Alterations, adjustments and repairs of all clothes
Hanging Suit


We care about your clothes, the investment you’ve made in them, the sentimental value they often carry, and how looking your best improves your career and quality of life.


We care about our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We care deeply about the environment we all share.


We promise to treat each customer with warmth and respect, and treat every one of your garments as if it were one of our own. And we promise to take the hassle out of dry cleaning, focusing on your convenience in every way possible.

We are located opposite Westmead Train Station, Westmead NSW 2145

Shop 1, 24 Railway Parade

Westmead NSW 2145